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On our website you will find 2 prices:
First one – boxes price (1 pcs of particular position), if you will buy mixed pallet (different positions in one pallet).
Second one – pallets price (1 pcs of particular position), if you will buy full pallet this item.


Lavazza Gold Selection 1 kg beans (for export only)


Lavazza Crema e Gusto DEK 250 g ground


Lavazza Gran Espresso 1kg beans (for export only)


Lavazza Crema e Gusto Classico 250 g ground


Lavazza Espresso Cremoso 1kg beans (for export only)


Lavazza Crema e Gusto Dolce 250 g ground


Lavazza Crema e Aroma Espresso blue 1 kg beans (for export only)


Lavazza Caffe Espresso 1kg beans (for export only)


Nowadays, a hot fresh-made beverage with distinctive aroma is not just a popular drink but an omnipresent one. People drink it in offices, hotels, restaurants, or bars. We take this beverage whilst walking around city, or taste it at home. Statistics informs: the turnover from its export alone equals to $25 billion.

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Experts estimate that 17 billion of cups people have every year are espressos from Italy. Total amount of consumed beverage is more than 500 billion drinks! Coffee shops annual increase makes about 9% per year globally. Networks distributing this beverage squeeze into top five of international restaurant chains.

Nowadays, it is a mass sales item along with sugar, corn, natural gas and crude oil.

Wholesale Coffee

Former niche industry rapidly turned into a colossal business which stands for a separate world with its own rules, laws, requirements, and, last but not least, wholesale coffee supplies. Each manufacturer strives to become better than others. So they are improving their product quality characteristics, or inventing new blends.

When we talk about wholesale coffee, things coming to mind in the first place are huge pallets or boxes filled with beans. In fact, everything is much easier. We are talking about low prices for distinguished international brands.

Large Catalog of Coffee Brands

Fanciers as well as gourmets are always sensitive to brand selection process. Some buyers rely on customer’s reviews or product prices. Others follow their friends’ advice. Some look for a perfect distributor that meets their expectations and high requirements.

Today, European food markets provide customers with the colossal catalog of wholesale coffee brands. They represent small modest masterpieces in an Arabica and Robusta fragrant world. No wonder that most popular brands are Italian trademarks.

Every self-respecting distributor strives for uniqueness. Some gain customers by keeping their blend mixing old secrets. Others win popular affections thanks to remarkable roasting or grinding methods. Some achieve popularity for attractive wholesale prices. Whatever it is, you can make your choice from a huge catalog of coffee vendors finding our products to your liking.

Ground Coffee and Coffee Beans from Italy at Wholesale Prices

Many fans suppose there is an elementary way to preserve an unforgettable flavor linked with fabulous aroma. Secret is that product delivery combined with storing must be carried out for beans only. But do not forget: many things depend on the methods those beans are roasted and ground. Connoisseurs assure that beans alone can convey rich taste coupled with incomparable aroma.

European democratic lovers of this scrumptious drink as well as conservative gourmets know that Italian wholesale coffee takes its place at the podium. Masters still keep their roasting techniques in complete secrecy, thus grunting a drink truly stunning flavor.

Distributors deliver best Italian wholesale coffee within few days. Contact us and stay among those lucky ones who enjoy the beverage superb flavor at reasonable prices!


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